Press Release


"The Safety We Want for Our Students"

January 31, 2022


MyPal Schools and Chatham Academy High School announce a student safety partnership


MyPal Schools and Chatham Academy High School are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic student safety partnership, combining MyPal Schools social emotional safety next-gen technology platform services with Chatham Academy’s commitment to servicing at risk youth by offering an excellent charter high school education.


With Bullying, Cyberbullying, Personal Crisis, Fighting & School Threats playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of school learning, Chatham Academy recognized they needed to increase the support for social emotional services throughout their high school. The MyPal Schools partnership brings together that strong next generation social emotional support, technology development, deployment and data support management to help students feel safe when they are in school and outside of school, therefore strengthening the learning environment.


“The MyPal Schools partnership with Chatham Academy now presents us with safety options and information we couldn’t have imagined we would be using. When Mr. Lowery (Shagmond) gave his presentation on how our students could instantly alert us to situations such as Bullying, Cyberbullying, Personal Crisis, Fighting & School Threats; that would reach us instantly, we were amazed how fast we received the alerts. The alerts instantly came using the software platform; we’re talking about 2 seconds instantly. We all knew at that moment this was a gentleman on the verge of changing how schools deal with Bullying and other situations,” principal Tony “Qadir” Lyons. “Together, working as one team, we will be able to unlock the full potential of students and place them on the best path for success in this ever changing world.” 


As an indication of commitment to the partnership, MyPAL Schools in the Chatham Academy High School will launch January 31, 2022.


Additionally, Chatham Academy High School will become part of the MyPal Schools Ecosystem, a network of partnerships that provide proprietary access to tools, technologies, and delivery capabilities that will help Chatham Academy students achieve breakthrough results.


By connecting Chatham Academy with MyPal Schools, not only are the students offered a safety platform but school staff, parents & community members have access to the platform also. 


Editor’s Note: To arrange an interview, contact: 


Shagmond Lowery,

Developer of MyPal Schools

(708) 473-5456


Tony “Qadir” Lyons, 

Principal of Chatham Academy High School

(773) 651-1500